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We have found three to five pages to be a good starting point. Many of our clients opt to launch a small Web site initially and focus their marketing strategy on one or two keywords. This is an excellent way to target a specific audience. Our package includes web design and marketing strategy consultation. We'll provide a total starter package at a competitive and fair rate.

  •  Phone consultation

  •  Three to five web pages targeting up to two keywords

  •  Graphics, scanned or digital ready

  •  Professional layout and design

  •  Logo treatment

  •  Navigation buttons

  •  Contact information

  •  Incorporation of your company style and colors

  •  Content optimized for top search engine rank

  •  Personalized attention to detail

    Additional features to consider:
    (additional fees based on total programming hours):

  •  Cutting-edge graphic treatments: JavaScript

  •  Photo Gallery

  •  Blog

  •  Site Search

  •  Information/Inquiry Form

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